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The Cheapest Places to Live in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is not just a place to live; it's a place to thrive.

Saskatchewan Living: Affordable, Quality, and Opportunity-Filled

Saskatchewan, a province known for its vast landscapes and rich resources, offers more than just scenic beauty. It's a land brimming with opportunities, both in its thriving agricultural sector and its growing industries. With a cost of living that's notably lower than the national average, it presents an attractive option for those seeking affordability without sacrificing quality of life. The province's diverse economy, coupled with its commitment to sustainable development, makes it a promising destination for families, professionals, and entrepreneurs alike. Saskatchewan is not just a place to live; it's a place to thrive.

Top 10 Cheapest places to live in Saskatchewan

Swift Current

Nestled in the heart of Saskatchewan, Swift Current stands as a beacon of affordability and urban charm. Known for its friendly community and vibrant cultural scene, this city offers a unique blend of small-town comfort with the conveniences of urban living. Residents enjoy a variety of recreational activities, from exploring local art galleries to engaging in outdoor adventures. With living costs significantly lower than the national average, Swift Current is an ideal destination for those seeking a budget-friendly lifestyle without sacrificing the perks of city life. Its affordable housing market and reasonable cost of living make it a top choice for both families and singles looking to stretch their dollars further.

In Swift Current, the economy is primarily driven by agriculture, but there's also a significant presence of small businesses and service industries. Its growing retail sector and supportive environment for entrepreneurs make it a promising place for those looking to start or expand a business. Swift Current's commitment to sustainable development and community support provides a stable job market, especially for those in agriculture, retail, and small-scale industries.

Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw, a city where history and modernity intertwine, offers a unique living experience in Saskatchewan. Known for its captivating historical sites and vibrant downtown, Moose Jaw is a treasure trove for those who appreciate a blend of past and present. The city boasts affordable living costs, with rental prices and daily expenses well below the national average. Residents enjoy a variety of amenities, from quaint cafes to contemporary art spaces, all set against a backdrop of historic architecture. 

Moose Jaw's unique combination of historical attractions and modern economic development makes it an interesting place for job seekers. The city's tourism sector offers various employment opportunities, while its growing industrial and tech sectors are becoming increasingly significant. Moose Jaw's economic landscape is diversifying, opening doors in sectors like technology, manufacturing, and the service industry.


Yorkton stands as the economical gateway to eastern Saskatchewan, offering a blend of affordability and opportunity. This city, with its modest population, presents a cost-effective living environment, where the average monthly rent and overall living expenses are comfortably below the national figures. Yorkton is not just about savings; it's a community rich in cultural diversity, hosting numerous festivals and events that reflect its vibrant social fabric. The city's blend of economic advantages and cultural vitality makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced, affordable lifestyle in a dynamic community.

Yorkton serves as a commercial and agricultural center in eastern Saskatchewan. The city's economy benefits from its status as a regional trading hub, offering opportunities in retail, services, and agriculture. Additionally, its growing manufacturing sector and supportive environment for small businesses make Yorkton an attractive destination for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Prince Albert

Nestled along the scenic North Saskatchewan River, Prince Albert offers a unique blend of affordable riverside living and urban convenience. With a population that fosters a close-knit community feel, this city provides a serene lifestyle at costs well below larger urban centers. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment and the overall cost of living are attractively low, making it an ideal spot for those seeking tranquillity without the high price tag. Prince Albert's riverside charm and affordability make it a hidden gem for budget-conscious residents who appreciate natural beauty and a relaxed pace of life.

Prince Albert's economy is well-rounded, with a strong base in forestry, agriculture, and mining. The city is also seeing growth in sectors like retail, healthcare, and education, providing a variety of employment opportunities. Its blend of natural resource exploitation and urban development creates a dynamic job market suitable for a diverse workforce.

North Battleford

North Battleford offers an exceptional balance of community spirit and affordability. Known for its friendly atmosphere and cultural richness, the city is a haven for those seeking a budget-friendly lifestyle without sacrificing community engagement and amenities. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is remarkably low, and the overall cost of living is well within reach for most budgets. North Battleford stands out as a thriving community where residents can enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle without the financial strain often found in larger cities.

In North Battleford, the economic landscape is shaped by a strong community focus, with significant contributions from healthcare, education, and retail sectors. The city's initiatives to enhance local business growth and infrastructure development are creating new job opportunities, especially in small businesses and service industries.


Estevan, with its serene southeastern charm, is a hidden gem for those seeking tranquillity at an affordable price. The cost of living here is a pleasant surprise, with median monthly rents standing at just $721. Estevan offers a serene lifestyle, where the daily hustle is balanced with relaxing, community-focused living, all at a cost that's comfortably below the national average.

Estevan, often called "The Energy City," is a powerhouse in the energy sector, particularly in oil and coal. Alongside its traditional industries, there's growth in retail, healthcare, and small businesses. Estevan's ongoing development in sustainable energy sources also points to future job prospects in green energy and related technologies.


Weyburn, a small city with a population of 11,179, offers an exceptional balance of affordability and quality living. This city is perfect for those who seek a quieter, more economical lifestyle without sacrificing the conveniences and charm of city living.

Weyburn's economy is underpinned by agriculture and oil, with a growing presence in sectors like healthcare and retail. Its status as one of the fastest-growing small cities in Saskatchewan indicates a burgeoning job market, especially for those in energy, agriculture, and the burgeoning service sector.


Nestled in East-Central Saskatchewan, Melville is a hidden gem for affordable living. It stands out as a cost-effective option for residents. This city combines the tranquillity of a small town with the essential amenities, providing a comfortable and economical lifestyle for its inhabitants. Melville is ideal for individuals and families looking to enjoy a peaceful life without the financial strain often associated with larger cities.

In Melville, the economy is traditionally anchored in agriculture and railway services. The city is also experiencing growth in retail, healthcare, and education sectors. Melville's steady economic environment makes it suitable for those seeking stable employment in these sectors.


Martensville offers the perfect blend of suburban tranquility and proximity to the urban buzz of Saskatoon. This city is a haven for those seeking affordable suburban living. Martensville is characterized by its friendly community, modern amenities, and easy access to Saskatoon, providing a balanced lifestyle that doesn’t compromise on convenience or budget. Ideal for families and professionals alike, Martensville is a smart choice for those looking to enjoy suburban comforts at a reasonable cost.

Martensville's close proximity to Saskatoon offers residents the benefits of suburban living with easy access to urban job markets. The city itself is experiencing growth in construction, retail, and services, driven by its expanding population and housing development.

Meadow Lake

Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Saskatchewan, Meadow Lake, with a population of 5,663, is a gem for those who cherish a life close to nature without the hefty price tag. This city is not just about affordability; it's about a lifestyle that embraces the outdoors. With its proximity to stunning lakes and forests, Meadow Lake is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful, cost-effective living environment. It's a city where nature's beauty and affordability go hand in hand, offering a serene yet vibrant community life.

Meadow Lake's economy benefits from its rich natural resources, with strong sectors in forestry, agriculture, and tourism. The city's commitment to sustainable development and environmental conservation opens up opportunities in green industries, as well as traditional sectors like resource management and tourism.

Why Saskatchewan?

Affordable Housing and Living Costs

Saskatchewan stands out with its affordable housing market. Whether you're buying or renting, the costs are significantly lower than in many other Canadian provinces. This affordability extends to everyday living expenses, making it an ideal place for those looking to stretch their budget further.

Embrace Saskatchewan's First-Time Home Buyer Programs

Saskatchewan welcomes new homeowners with open arms, offering a variety of incentives specifically tailored for first-time buyers. These programs are designed to ease the financial burden of purchasing a home, reducing initial expenses and monthly mortgage payments. This makes stepping into homeownership in Saskatchewan not only more achievable but also budget-friendly, opening doors to a new life in this vibrant province.

Economic Stability and Job Opportunities

The province's stable economy, fueled by agriculture, natural resources, and emerging sectors, offers a variety of job opportunities. This economic diversity not only provides employment options but also contributes to a robust and resilient local economy.

Quality of Life and Community Spirit

Saskatchewan is known for its strong sense of community and high quality of life. The province offers a perfect blend of urban amenities and rural charm, ensuring a balanced lifestyle. The community spirit here is tangible, with friendly neighbourhoods and a supportive environment.

Your Journey to Affordable Living with Pine

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