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Whether you’re looking to reduce your monthly mortgage payments or buy another home, refinancing with Pine can save you thousands.

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Click ‘Get started’ in the top right corner to open the application. Apply online  in under 10 minutes and kickstart your home financing journey.

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Upload your ID and supporting documents to help us determine what you can afford via our safe and secure customer portal.

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Get ready to turn your dreams into reality. Our expert mortgage advisors will walk you through the best options for your unique financing needs.

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You’ve officially made it to the last stage of the mortgage process. Here is where all of the final documents are signed and the funds are released.

Enjoy your family moments instead of worrying about your mortgage.

Just a few minutes could save you thousands

“Possibly the best rate you can find in the market, and great agent who is professional and provides honest advise. Would recommend!”

Zihao J.

Tips on refinancing a home


Determine your goals

Before you start refinancing, figure out what your goals are. Are you looking to lower your monthly payments, shorten your loan term, or access home equity?


Check your credit score

Your credit score plays a crucial role in determining your interest rate when refinancing. Make sure your credit score is as high as possible before applying.


Consider your debt-to-income ratios

Lenders will consider your debt-to-income ratio when deciding whether to approve your refinancing application. Make sure you have a low debt-to-income ratio to improve your chances of approval.


Understand the different types
of refinancing

In Canada, there are two main types of refinancing: rate-and-term and cash-out. Understand the pros and cons of each before choosing which one to go with.


Don’t over leverage

Refinancing can provide access to home equity, but don't over-leverage your home by borrowing more than you can afford to repay. Make sure you have a solid plan for repaying the loan before refinancing.

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