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Securing an affordable mortgage entirely online? Really? (Yes.) Discover why and how we’re making this a reality for Canadians.

Jonathan Shih & Justin Herlick

About us

At Pine, we're all about transforming the outdated (and complicated) home financing process, and creating a simpler, faster, and better experience. How? With innovative technology and talented, understanding people.

We’re a new mortgage company, but this isn't our first rodeo. We’ve carefully curated our dream team of engineers, experienced mortgage experts and product innovators from fintechs, brokerages and big banks. We know exactly what is broken with the current experience and know how to fix it, build it and scale it. We’re ready to disrupt in a big way, in fact, we’ve already started by helping new customers obtain mortgages with Pine every day.

The problem we’re solving

To be blunt, the current mortgage experience in Canada is horrible. There are exactly two options: a bank or a broker. One experience is archaic, the other tedious and disjointed. Both lack transparency, and can add unnecessary costs that ultimately make it more expensive for borrowers. We believe Canadians want and deserve better. Pine is here to deliver and now is the time.

Our solution

We are working to create a completely digital direct-to-consumer home-buying experience that streamlines a traditionally complex process and puts savings back in Canadians’ pockets. We offer the same quality mortgage products as the traditional Canadian banks. We have extremely competitive rates, and there are no hidden fees or closing costs. The big difference is our digital first experience combined with a human touch. We seek to deliver the most delightful, easy and stress free mortgage experience on the market.

Our investors

We are backed by some of the world’s foremost venture capital firms and, thus, have strong financial support. We've recently completed our Seed and Series A funding rounds with a total of $27M CAD, led by Greylock which will help fuel our growth and expansion across Canada.

Tashi, Maggie, and Hayden
Pine Team Members

What we believe in

Do the right thing

We seek the high-ground and do the right thing, even if it is harder

Be resourceful

We solve problems with grit and perseverance

Embrace empathy

We put ourselves in the shoes of others

Always be innovating

We are never satisfied because innovation never stops and neither do we

Move with urgency

We know that every day counts for us and our customers

Come work with us.

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