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The rate of your mortgage remains fixed for the term, regardless of changes in the market.

5 year term


Your monthly mortgage payments can go up or down based on the Bank of Canada’s prime interest rate

5 year term

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Explore and learn more about everything from mortgage rates and touring homes in person, to getting your home ready for sale and closing the sale.

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Maximize Your Home's Value: What is My Home Worth?

Maximize your home's value in Canada with key insights on market trends, property specifics, and valuation methods, crucial for selling or refinancing

How Pine offers the lowest mortgage rates

We work directly with our customers and skip the middlemen

We are a direct lender, eliminating extra fees and middlemen. That means we have more flexibility to offer you lower rates.

Powered by Pine

We developed our own software to automate many administrative tasks for our advisors and underwriters. This efficiency saves us money, and we pass those savings on to you.

Commission-Free Advisors

Unlike traditional mortgage companies, our advisors are salaried, not commission-based. This approach reduces costs, allowing us to offer you even lower rates.

The reviews are in

“I switched my mortgage from RBC to Pine due to better rates. The entire process was very smooth. Dana helped me a lot with all the questions. It was a very good experience!”

Andre Rocha,

Pine customer since September 2023

“My experience with Pine and Lauren in particular has been exceptional. The switching process was very easy and seamless.”

Ankur Anand,

Pine customer since July 2023

“I switched my mortgage over to Pine in May, and got 1.2 % off on my previous rate, with them covering the cost. Malcolm was super great and responded, and everything was really smooth.”

Jonathan Harris,

Pine customer since May 2022

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