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Don’t assume your current lender is offering you the best rate to stay. Apply in minutes and save thousands when you switch to Pine.

Save thousands of dollars with Pine

The mortgage rates as of {{July 14, 2023}} are for reference only and not a guarantee. Rates can change without notice and depend on many factors.
Mortgage approval is contingent on underwriting approval. Additional fees and costs may apply, and not all applicants will qualify for the advertised or lowest rate.

See the potential savings with Pine

Securing competitive rates

With Pine, expect rates that are often lower than traditional banks', resulting in substantial savings on your monthly payments.

Guidance from experts

Lean on our network of seasoned professionals across Canada. Their expertise is your assurance for sound and reliable advice.

Custom-tailored mortgages

We work to find a mortgage solution that aligns with your evolving lifestyle, whether that involves adjusting your prepayment terms or payment amounts.

Efficiency at its best

Experience the power of technology-driven efficiency with Pine. Our streamlined process makes mortgage renewal swift – think in terms of days, not weeks.

How it works

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Apply online

Click ‘Get started’ in the top right corner to open the application. Apply online  in under 10 minutes and kickstart your home financing journey.

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Submit documents

Upload your ID and supporting documents to help us determine what you can afford via our safe and secure customer portal.

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Get approved

Get ready to turn your dreams into reality. Our expert mortgage advisors will walk you through the best options for your unique financing needs.

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You’ve officially made it to the last stage of the mortgage process. Here is where all of the final documents are signed and the funds are released.

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Just a few minutes could save you thousands

lock in your mortgage rate today

Say no to rising rates

Lock in your tailored rate for 120 days

Lock in my tailored rate

Tips on renewing your mortgage


Determine your goals

Consider your current financial goals. Would you like to take this opportunity to make a prepayment, renew for a different term or interest rate options?


Avoid auto-renewing

Don't let your mortgage auto-renew without exploring other options first. Auto-renewing may mean missing out on better rates and terms available from other lenders.


Shop around early

Begin the process of renewing your mortgage a few months before your current mortgage term expires to give yourself enough time to shop around for the best deal.


Ask for rate holds

Did you know a rate can be held for up to 120 days? You are rate protected. Should the rate drop in this time you will be honoured the lower rate, and should the rate increase you are still receive the lower rate. Win-win.


Consider changing your mortgage type

You may want to consider changing your mortgage type, such as switching from a variable-rate mortgage to a fixed-rate mortgage, or vice versa, to save money on interest.


Consider the length of the mortgage term

Think about whether you want a short-term or long-term mortgage. Short-term mortgages typically have higher interest rates, while long-term mortgages offer stability and predictability.

“Possibly the best rate you can find in the market, and great agent who is professional and provides honest advise. Would recommend!”

Zihao J.

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