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7 Life Events That May Require an Insurance Update

Your life is constantly changing, and your insurance needs to keep up. Whether it's a small change or a significant life event, here are seven situations where you'll want to revisit your insurance policy.

When Is the Right Time to Review Your Insurance Policy?

Your life is constantly changing, and your insurance needs to keep up. Whether it's a small change or a significant life event, here are seven situations where you'll want to revisit your insurance policy.

Major Acquisitions

Are you in the market for a new home,vehicle, or even a vacation property? Before you finalize your purchase, make sure you understand how it affects your insurance premiums. Contact your insurance advisor with the exact date of acquisition to ensure everything is in order.

Don't forget to do the same when you’re relocating, expanding your home with an additional structure like a garage, oreven when you bring home a new pet. Be proactive!

Home Improvements

A new roof or a completely updated kitchen can certainly boost your home’s value. Did you know that it can also reduce your insurance costs? Renovations like modern plumbing can bring more than just aesthetic joy; they can actually save you money on yourpremiums.

However, it's crucial to consult with your insurance advisor before you start any renovations. Failure to notify yourinsurer could result in certain damages not being covered during the construction phase.


Are you and your significant other thinking about moving in together? Or perhaps you're blending two families into one home? These changes in the number of residents affect your insurance rates. Make sure you list all occupants and their belongings when renewing your policyto accurately cover the total value of your household items.

Empty Nesters

Is your eldest child moving away for school? As emotional as it can be, there’s good news—your existing home insurance might still cover them. If they are full-time students, consult with your insurance provider to confirm they’re included in your policy.

Adding Water Features

A new swimming pool or hot tub is an exciting addition for any household. But don't overlook the risks involved. Your basic insurance policy might not cover incidents related to these features. Consultyour insurance advisor prior to installation to adjust your policy accordingly.

For in-ground pools, consider additional coverage that extends to the pool and its accessories. Don’t skimp on liabilityinsurance either; it’s crucial for giving you peace of mind while enjoying your new aquatic addition.

The New Learner Driver in the Family

So, your child has just received their learner’s permit? Before passing on the car keys, contact your insurance advisor. Whether your new driver will be using a car, motorcycle, or RV, it'scrucial to update your insurance to include them.

Insuring Your Treasures

Do you have items of significant sentimental or monetary value like jewelry or art? Don't leave them to chance; ensure they are specifically listed and valued in your insurance policy. Pro tip: Maintain a documented inventory of your valuable items and store it securely as abackup.

*Certain conditions, restrictions and exclusions apply. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Intact Insurance makes no representation, warranty or guarantee that use of this information will prevent damage or reduce your premium.

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