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Questions? We’ve got answers.

What’s involved in getting a mortgage from Pine?

Pine wants to make the mortgage process simple.

We are here from start to finish to ensure a smooth, efficient, and delightful experience. Pine has created a simple, easy-to-understand online application, and, with just a few clicks, our experts can start working on getting you approved. Pre-approvals are faster than at the traditional banks (usually within 24hrs), so you can get onto the fun part—shopping for your new home!

With Pine by your side, you need not worry about having to complete any more bank applications. We are your trusted experts, and, if you have any questions, give us a call, and we are here to help.

Does Pine charge any lender fees?

Nope. Pine does not charge any fees (origination fees, application fees, processing fees, underwriting fees).

Can I take advantage of the Home Buyer’s Plan with Pine?

You bet! Pine accepts first-time buyers under the Home Buyers Plan. One of our agents would be more than happy to discuss this in greater detail.

Will I have a point of contact at Pine?

You betcha! As soon as the application is started, a mortgage agent will contact you. You can also contact our team  anytime throughout the process.

We’re available by phone, email, and chat Monday - Friday from 9AM - 5PM EST. (Holiday hours might differ).

Is my data secure with Pine?

The security of your data is paramount. We’ve implemented the highest standards in cyber and physical security, over and above the industry protocols. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

How much of a down payment does Pine require?

A minimum downpayment of 5% is required. Mortgages with less than a 20% down payment need to have mortgage loan insurance provided by either CMHC, Sagen, or Canada Guaranty.

Can Pine help me if I have poor credit?

Credit is a big part in the underwriting process. As a result, Pine has created different mortgage programs for those with bruised credit. Fill out the application, and we'll be happy to see what we can do for you.