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Your monthly mortgage payments can go up or down based on the Bank of Canada’s prime interest rate

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The mortgage rates as of July 14, 2023 are for reference only and not a guarantee. Rates can change without notice and depend on many factors. Mortgage approval is contingent on underwriting approval. Additional fees and costs may apply, and not all applicants will qualify for the advertised or lowest rate.

“I switched my mortgage from RBC to Pine due to better rates.
The entire process was very smooth. Dana helped me a lot with all the questions. It was a very good experience!”

Andre Rocha,

Pine customer since September 2023

“I switched my mortgage over to Pine in May, and got 1.2 % off on my previous rate, with them covering the cost. Malcolm was super great and responded, and everything was really smooth.”

Jonathan Harris,

Pine customer since May 2022

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